Nutrient-Dense Foods


Wild Aguaje Powder (Moriche Palm Fruit)

Aguaje Powder Wild (Moriche Palm Fruit)

100% Wild, Raw Peruvian Aguaje Powder in amber glass by Radiant Revolutions (60g and 250g options comes in amber glass jar, 500g and 1kg come as refill pack and bulk bag).The following recent testimonial is indicative of the feedback we hear from customers that write to us about our Aguaje powder: “The Aguaje powder has been the fastest acting natural estrogen booster I have ever used, within 2-3 months my booty was noticeably more voluptuous, my breasts fuller and in general I appeared curvier all over. I am sooo happy, and continue to take it militantly everyday.”Pure, 100% unadulterated, wild-cultivated Aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa) powder (also known as Moriche Palm fruit), wildcrafted in Peru. Our Aguaje powder has not been heated above 45 degrees Celsius. Alongside excellent levels of phytohormones which directly mimic estrogen in our own bodies, Aguaje is also a potent superfood rich in Vitamins A, C and E. Discover South America’s best kept secret used by both women and men.Excellent alongside our very own sister Organic Pueraria Mirifica powder.Please select from the following weights:60g - amber glass jar (£10.99)250g - amber glass jar (£36.99)500g - refill pack (63.99)1kg - bulk bag (£118.99)

Bee Bread

Bee Bread: Natural Comb Cell Bee-Fermented Pollen

High quality raw bee bread from small-scale Latvian beekeepers.In many respects bee bread is genuine bee pollen. You see, bees do not eat the flower pollen they collect directly; it is neither sufficiently digestible or nutritious. Pollen must first undergo an "alchemical transformation" in the comb cells of the hive - the result is called bee bread. Bees do not eat pollen, they eat bee bread. Bee bread (like honey) is a hive product, pollen is not. Bee bread is a much more bioavailable nutrient source than bee pollen, with a rich belt of nutritional extras on top.Read my popular article on Bee Bread HERE.See below for more information about this productPlease select from the following weights:500g (£38.99)1kg (£71.99) SAVING of £1.00 per 100g

Kelp Powder

Canadian Sun-dried Kelp Powder (454g)

Kelp powder harvested in clean Canadian waters around the Northwest Atlantic.Excellent for use as a daily iodine supplement and to detoxify radioactive particles from the body.Sourced from the cold, clean coast of Nova Scotia. Its processes are under very rigorous control standards. Our kelp products are natural products from the sea. These seaweeds are wild harvested and solar dried (we do not have recorded temperatures), and then simply ground or milled to produce a finished product. No chemical drying agents are used during the manufacturing process. There are no chemical additives of any kind used at any point during processing. Our finished products are free of such additives, or residues. The natural, unaltered state of our seaweed has also been certified as such by the QAI organic certification body.Origin: Canada


Capers - Wild, Raw, Handpicked in Salina (250g)

Raw, Wild, naturally organic capers handpicked on the beautiful Italian island of Salina (off the coast of Siciliy in the Aeolian island group), preserved with nothing except the revered real Sicilian sea salt. Whereas almost all other capers are packed in cheap brine water our nutrient-dense capers are preserved the traditional way, through a artisanal process that involves them being packed into the sea salt.Ingredients: Salina Capers, Sicilian Sea Salt.Capers are the world’s highest source of the longevity promoting and mood enhancing phytonutrient Quercetin.Directions: Simply soak the desired amount of capers for 20 minutes or more to dissolve the salt off of the capers, strain and rinse. If the capers are still too salty, soak again in fresh water and repeat until the salt level is to your liking. For those on low salt diets, 4 soaking/rinses will suffice to remove nearly every trace of the natural Sicilian sea salt. The raw soaked capers are a wonderful addition to salads of all descriptions, they make a fantastic pickle or pesto and are great added at the final cooking stages to hot-pots and savoury meals of all persuasions.For more information on the benefits of capers, please see my article herePlease select from the following pack sizes:1 pack £8.394 pack £31.49 Saving: £0.50 per pack

Ceramic grater

Ceramic Grater for Wasabi, Ginger, Horseradish, Garlic and Turmeric

High quality, ceramic grater - 105mm diameter. These pure, naturally non-reactive ceramic Japanese graters are designed for grating fresh horseradish, ginger, wasabi, garlic, turmeric, or anything else you need to grate! Also ideal for table service grating, providing the very freshest medicinal pizzaz to a wealth of different dishes. The grater lip also stores the precious herbal juices created during the grating process, so nothing is lost. They will not rust or deteriorate like metal graters. The ceramic will not impair the taste or smell of food. Simple, easy to use and clean. With non-slip silicone base.Non-slip silicone base.Made from non rusting ceramic.Ceramic will not absorb the taste of the food.Ideal for table service grating.

Consultation with Kyle Vialli

Consultation with Kyle Vialli - In Person or By Phone/Skype/Instagram/Zoom

In Person consultations currently available in Winnipeg, Canada. When Kyle is back in England, in person consults in London and Brighton will begin againFor those that cannot consult with Kyle physically in Brighton or London, England or Winnipeg, Canada, you can do so from the comfort of your own home – wherever you are in the World – via telephone, Skype, Instagram or Zoom. Kyle will simply call you at the allocated time.For more information on Kyle's life-changing vitality consultations please see the main page here.After purchase we will get in touch via email to organise the nearest available timeslot for your consultation. We will also email you a (non-compulsory) vitality questionnaire that will give Kyle a general background to your requirements ahead of your session.“Well, it’s been about 1 year since my consultation with you and I can say that in the last 4 weeks all my old complaints have gone. My digestion is so strong, I can now eat anything. My energy levels are higher, feel better, look better, more thought power etc. So I’d just like to say thankyou for the life changing knowledge. Now I am in this game I find it difficult to understand why more people don’t do it also.” Mark Hamilton

Dairy Kefir culture

Dairy Kefir Culture in Glass Jar

1 tablespoon of high-quality dairy kefir culture (a completely natural broad-spectrum probiotic culture). Our dairy kefir has only ever been cultivated in raw grass-fed A2 cows milk. It is shipped in a glass jar with a little raw milk, so it will arrive to you in tip-top, active condition, ready to begin immediate fermentation of your own high-quality milk, into the kefir beverage. The kefir culture is a living organism that will naturally double in size/volume every few weeks, so long as you feed it its preferred food of dairy milk. As a result, it will not take you long to have a surplus, to give to family and friends.Comes with A4 instruction sheet.

Digestive Mix

Digestive Mix - a mix of herbs, seeds and spices to aid digestion (100g)

Digestive Mix is a heady swirl of herbs, seeds and spices. Made by hand in India and packed with nutrients, it helps to aid digestion, soothe your system, freshen the breath and revitalise your spirit in one spoonful.Half a teaspoon to be eaten after each meal. Ingredients: Fennel, flax seed, sesame seed, ajwain, peppermint, liquorice, hari patti (a bitter leaf), dhania dal and jaggery. 28 - 56 days supply.100g in glass jar


Five Questions with Kyle Vialli

Perfect for those that want to reap the benefit of Kyle's 20 years garnered nutrition, natural beauty and fitness wisdom pool, without necessarily getting a full blown consultation. Simply ask any 5 health and nutrition questions. Ask any 5 health and nutrition questions, whether it is about optimising a diet for a specific complaint or disorder, or a more general enquiry for improving a facet of your wellbeing. Perhaps you want to know Kyle's thoughts about any food or diet and its suitability for longterm vigorous health or learn what essential recommendations should be added into your daily diet to get there. Kyle will answer each question via a combination of voice messages, written messages and, sometimes, pictures, all via your preferred messaging app or social media platform or email. 

Marine Phytoplankton Flakes

Freeze-dried Marine Phytoplankton Powder - European Highest Purity

Highest Quality Marine Phytoplankton Powder (Nannochloropsis Gaditana) grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides to stringent European standards. The Marine Phytoplankton are grown on ancient seawater (Pleistocene era, about 140,000 years old) and are subsequently free of any contamination or heavy metals. The seawater is extracted from 80 meters below the surface and is perfectly suited for growing algae. The Marine Phytoplankton are produced with natural sunlight only. No artificial lighting is used. Upon harvesting the Marine Phytoplankton is then carefully freeze-dried to maximise preservation of all nutrients, especially the very sensitive essential fatty acids like EPA.Use the phenomenal nutritional richness of our Marine Phytoplankton to provide an excellent guild of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids (especially EPA) and highly absorbable protein. Enjoy our quality freeze-dried Marine Phytoplanton powder in smoothies and atop salads and main meals as a hearty and tasty way to enhance whatever you eat. Your body will thank you for it.Please read my article for more info hereOrigin: The Netherlands100g in air-locked pouch.PLEASE SELECT BELOW FROM THE FOLLOWING PACK SIZES:1 x 100g pack: £27.99 3 x 100g pack: £78.99*saving of £1.50 per pack.



Cocoa butter is a solid, yellow oil that is pressed from the cocoa bean. This raw cocoa butter is certified organic by the Soil Association and unrefined. It has a strong chocolate scent that is natural to unprocessed cocoa butter.Cocoa butter is excellent in a myriad of delectable recipes (not least, proper chocolate) and a luxurious, nourishing and protective ingredient for body butters and skin treatments.Cocoa butter is solid and slightly brittle at room temperature, it melts at about 40C but cocoa butter when chopped finely can easily be softened by rubbing between your fingers, or melted in a warm water, or using the double boiler method to safely melt it down.

Grey sea salt

Grey Celtic Solar Dried Sea Salt Authentic Gros Sel de Guerande 1kg

Authentic Guerande salt produced in Brittany (Sel Gris) – this traditional coarse sea salt is naturally grey and guaranteed unwashed, unrefined and additive-free. Rich in magnesium and trace elements, Le Guérandais Coarse Guérande Salt is ideal for cooking, marinading or fermenting purposes.Le Guérandais Guérande Salt is produced in Brittany by the ocean, sun and wind and is hand-harvested by salt workers, using skills and a method that are over a thousand years old.Unlike refined industrial salts, Le Guérandais Guérande Salt does not undergo any form of washing or chemical treatment, is rich in Magnesium, and nothing is added (anti-caking agent, flow improvement agent, fluorine, iodine or nitrite).Le Guérandais Guérande Salt is an organic sea salt, 100% natural, and is simply sorted and sieved to ensure that consumers are offered consistent quality.


Japanese Bamboo Rolling Mat for Nori Rolls, Wraps and Sushi

Yutaka Bamboo Rolling Mat is a must tool for making sushi rolls. Perfect for all types of sushi rolls, vegan, veg or fish based.Make Perfect Sushi Rolls everytime with this convenient Sushi Rolling MatSushi Rolls Just like the Pros do itNatural Bamboo - sustainable, washable, reusable over and over againKnown as a Makisu in Japanese cooking 

Mayu Swirl - Vortex Water Energiser

Mayu Swirl - Vortex Water Energiser

Enhance your water with a swirlLike drinking from a flowing live stream or river, the swirling motion of the Mayu Swirl pitcher naturally ennobles all water that is automatically spun inside it. It aerates the water, replenishes dissolved oxygen, balances pH levels and improves hydratability, structure and even taste.It doesn’t matter if you’re using unfiltered tap water, filtered water, Reverse Osmosis, spring water or distilled water - the Mayu Swirl will positively enhance the physical and chemical characteristics of your drinking water!Appearance of base and carafe lid may vary.USUAL PRICE: £184.99  SALE PRICE: £123.99


Nature's Living Superfood Blend - 36 Organic Ingredient Blend (300g) by Kiki Health

Your all in one daily supplement. (As with all the Kiki Health products on our site, we only stock the largest size jar available, in this case the 300g jar).Organic Nature’s Living Superfood is a green alkalising whole food supplement. It is derived from a comprehensive blend of whole foods, including alkalising land and sea vegetables, micro-algae, enzymes and bacterial cultures.Organic Nature’s Living Superfood is made exclusively from plant-based whole-food ingredients, which allow the body to absorb the nutrients it needs and support digestive health. All 36 nutrient-rich ingredients have been carefully selected, balanced and prepared to ensure maximum absorption and utilization in the body at a cellular level. Contains no fillers, or preservatives.We source only the finest quality local and imported ingredients from our trusted suppliers.In today’s hectic lifestyle it is sometimes a challenge to consume enough nutrient-dense, fresh foods.The complex blend of green foods and plant juices makes Organic Nature’s Living Superfood the perfect addition to your favourite smoothie or juice. It also tastes great sprinkled on salads or simply mixed with water.IngredientsLand Vegetables:Nettle Leaf, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Horsetail, Alfalfa Grass Juice, Carob, Burdock Root, Ginger Root, Nopal Cactus, Barley Grass Juice, Wheat Grass Juice, Oat Grass Juice, Dandelion Leaf, Parsley Leaf, Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Amla Fruit.Algaes:Spirulina, Chlorella (Broken Cell Wall).Sea Vegetables:Kelp, Fucus Vesiculosus.Enzymes: Lipase*, Cellulase*, Protease*, Amylase*, Bromelain*, Papain*.Bacterial Cultures:Bacillus Subtilis*, Bacillus licheniformis*, Lactobacillus Acidophilus*,Lactobacillus Casei*, Lactobacillus Plantarum*, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus*, Lactococcus Lactis*, Bifobacterium Bifidum*.*Non-organic ingredientsAdults intake should begin with ½ teaspoon daily and gradually increase to 1 or more heaped teaspoons according to your lifestyle.

Raw Organic Nori

Nori Raw Organic Seaweed (Porphyra Yezoensis) 50 Sheets

Our Raw Organic Nori is:Certified Organic by both USDA & EcoCertCertified Kosher By Star-KNON-GMO CertifiedRAW - UN-Toasted Never Cooked, our nori is dried at under 85 degrees F.100% Radiation and contaminant Free - tested in the USA every batch!FREE of most common allergensHigh in Raw Nutrients!Sealed in packages of 50 sheets for FreshnessPackage has a Zipper Lock Seal to reseal and retain FreshnessFull size sushi sheets 8.5" x 7.5". 50 sheet pack.We use only 1 species (Porphyra Yezoensis) in ALL of our Nori production. This species is in the Red/Purple Algae family and considered the Highest in Nutrition. ALL of our Nori Sheets are made from Porphyra Yezoensis and only the top 15 to 20 percent of Harvest makes our grade for item production.For more information on this product please see belowPLEASE SELECT BELOW FROM THE FOLLOWING PACK SIZES:1 pack (50 sheets) £24.193 pack (3 x 50 sheets) £67.99 MULTI SAVE**saving of £1.50 per 50 sheets (compared to single pack option)Plus BONUS traditional bamboo sushi roller worth £2.99 for every 3 pack of Nori purchased.



Made with Ugandan Vanilla, Peruvian Lucuma fruit powder, Hazelnuts and creamy cacao butter, this dreamy hazelnut and vanilla toffee flavour chocolate bar is suitable for vegans and is organic as well as being ethically sourced. If you know the brand already, these are their new bigger 60g bars (not the previous, considerably smaller 37g ones).Pioneering packaging is entirely recyclable and compostable.Creamy Vanoffee enhanced with crushed hazelnuts and a touch of Halen Môn (sea salt from Anglesey).This ‘white chocolate’  is not actually white due to the natural colours of the ingredients used! It is however free from cacao solids and their stimulating effects, making it perfect for kids and adults alike, and for indulging in at all hours of the day!A vanilla, hazelnut and toffee-like tasting treat, sweetened with coconut blossom sugar & lucuma, Salted Vanoffee Hazelnut is a naturally sweet, smooth and creamy chocolate bar. Ingredients: cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, lucuma*, roasted hazelnut paste (16%)*, salt, vanilla*. *organicSingle: £2.99Box of 10: £2.70 per bar (£27.00)


Organic Raw Irish Sea Moss Iodine Capsules by Kiki Health (90 caps)

Our Raw Organic Sea Moss is prepared from organic whole carrageen leaf that has been gathered in a sustainable manner on a stunning island located off the coast of Ireland in the Atlantic Ocean. 90 Capsules in glass jar.The sea moss was carefully air-dried at low temperatures and then processed into a fine powder before it was used to fill our natural vegan capsules. No other ingredients or fillers are used.Our Organic Sea Moss Capsules contain only 100% dried organic sea moss, which is a naturally abundant source of iodine.Adults intake: Take one (1) capsule per day with a glass (250ml) of water, preferably with food.Ingredients: Organic Irish/carageen sea moss (Chondrus crispus)Shell Capsule: Hypromellose


Organic Styrian Pumpkin Seeds. Raw & Fully Sproutable. AAA Quality

We are very happy to launch these designated origin Organic Certified Styrian Pumpkin seeds from the famed pumpkin growing area of Styria in Austria. These robust, dark green nutrient-dense seeds from the heirloom Lady Godiva pumpkin that the Styrian area is famed for, are larger and much more nutritious than the ubiquitous pasteurised pumpkin seeds coming in from China. Considerably higher in zinc and vitamin E, with much greater concentrations of all of the trace minerals and a slightly higher protein content, these AAA quality seeds are a potent superfood from the pure, heavily forested and mountainous environs of the southern Austrian state. These Certified organic seeds are the premier option for making your own next level seed milks, seed pates/cheeses, blended into all manner of smoothies, and thrown atop salads and main courses, used in the preparation of sweets, and of course, the combination are endless. What is more, these incredibly potent seeds are one of the World's very highest plant sources of zinc, an absolutely critical mineral that many vegans and vegetarians are often notably deficient in.Unlike most pumpkin seeds available, these are genuinely raw and sproutable. That is to say: when soaked in clean water for 12 hours, and then strained and watered regularly, they will begin to sprout in a couple of days, developing long tails and rapidly awakening even more nutrient richness by day 4 or 5, including the liberation of even more zinc, magnesium and calcium and a further increase of protein levels.Read Kyle's article here for more information.Hygienically packed in heat-sealed black pouch under our own Radiant Revolutions brand.Professional product photographs coming soon.


Organic Vanoffee Chocolate Bar by The Raw Chocolate Company (60g)

Unique bar with a vanilla-toffee flavour using coconut blossom sugar. Vanoffee® is a naturally sweet, smooth and creamy bar.The Raw Chocolate Company use sun dried rather than heat treated cacao. All products are vegan and certified organic. If you know the brand already, these are their new bigger 60g bars (not the previous, considerably smaller 37g ones).Pioneering packaging is entirely recyclable and compostable.Made with Ugandan Vanilla, Peruvian Lucuma fruit powder and creamy cacao butter, this dreamy vanilla toffee flavour chocolate bar is suitable for vegans and is organic as well as being ethically sourced.This ‘white chocolate’  is not actually white due to the natural colours of the ingredients used! It is however free from cacao solids and their stimulating effects, making it perfect for kids and adults alike, and for indulging in at all hours of the day!Ingredients: cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, lucuma*, vanilla*. *organicSingle: £2.99Box of 10: £2.70 per bar (£27.00)


Peruvian 72% Criollo Chocolate Bar by The Raw Chocolate Company (70g)

A big 70g of the original pure low-heat manufactured Peruvian criollo dark chocolate bar.Award-winning, 72 % cacao pure Peruvian criollo dark chocolate bar! Only three organic ingredients – cacao, cacao butter and coconut sugar – means that this is a delicious, ultra-pure chocolate hit.Raw, Vegan, Organic, Refined Sugar Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, No Artificial Ingredients, Just Three Ingredients, Compostable Packaging, Made In UK In Small Batches, From Peruvian Cacao; Low Temperatures Are Maintained During The Chocolate Production Process To Preserve The Nutritional Values. Ingredients: Cacao mass*, coconut sugar*, cacao butter*. *organic. Cacao solids min: 72% Winner of Paleo award & Great Taste award.Check out our other 2 delectable chocolate varieties by The Raw Chocolate Company, which do not contain any cacao solids - only organic cacao butter. Perfect if you are sensitive to chocolate.


Pristine Icelandic Geothermally-Made Sea Salt Flakes in Metal Tin (250g)

250g of highest purity Icelandic Sea Salt by Norður, in a stunning tin box to last a lifetime in your home.Perfect for all manner of gourmet, culinary, detoxification, therapeutic and eye bath use, due to its extremely low levels of impurities and rock particulates, compared to other unrefined salts.Nordur sea salt flakes are an extremely pure sea salt from Breiðafjörður bay a stunning nature reserve on the remote West Coast of Iceland. Unlike rock salt and grey Celtic salt that can contain rock sediment particulates, Nordur sea salt is naturally low in impurities and high in electrolytes sodium, chloride, namely, but also trace electrolytes of calcium, potassium and magnesium, that are always nearly completely absent from refined salts (as a result it is an excellent salt for use in Eye baths, for example). Nordur (spelt Norður in Icelandic) uses only Geothermal Energy as the sole source of its salt production, evaporated from the pure Icelandic waters in the bay.In all our processes and at all stages of our salt making, we use geothermal energy. Our production process involves a minimum of mechanical intervention and makes use of natural geothermal energy for heating the seawater, evaporating and drying the Nordur Salt flakes.From the beginning, we have set a high bar in ensuring that our production facility is as environmentally friendly as possible. As far as we know, we are the only flake salt company in the world that uses geothermal energy to fuel our process. Our carbon footprint is virtually nil, something that we are especially proud of.We start by filtering the seawater before it enters our evaporation tank to ensure the highest quality of the sea salt. In the filtering process only dirt and leftover seaweed is removed and the salt maintains its natural mineral content. We then lead geothermal hot water through the tank via a titanium heat exchanger while we constantly pump fresh seawater into it. Inside the tank, the seawater evaporates and the salinity level increases. When the brine has reached the right salinity level, it is transferred to open pans. It is slowly heated again using geothermal energy allowing the salt crystals to form as pyramids on the surface. The salt pyramids grow upside down and when they have reached a sufficient size they fall to the bottom.At this stage, the true art form of our salt making begins; the human touch is a vital factor as the salt is hand harvested to precisely ensure the right taste and texture. Once the salt flakes have been raked from the pans, they are dried using geothermal heating. Then, it is on to the packaging stage and the salt flakes are ready to be enjoyed.

Raw Tree Ripened Throuba Olives

Throuba Olives Organic Raw Tree Ripened

These unique, organically certified, traditional olives are so delicious it is hard to believe that they have not been heat treated at all. The method used for producing these Throuba olives is also highly specific to this type of olive. Unlike most olives produced in Greece and around Europe Throuba Olives have not been cured in a salt water brine for long periods of time, which allows the olive to absorb the salt.In part, this is because the Throuba olive actually ripens while still on the tree thanks to Phoma Oleae a naturally occurring microflora; it has a bittersweet taste and can be eaten straight from the tree.  On the island of Thassos where the Throuba olive comes from the traditional method of debitteration which has been used for centuries continues to be used today:The olives are picked when ripe and black in colour, they are washed in mountain spring water that comes from the nearby mountain village of Kazaviti. Following a fine selection process whereby the best olives are selected the olives are then layered in large tanks with untreated Sea salt which enables the water and bitter taste to be drawn out. Olives absorb water and if there is salt in that water they will absorb that too. In the Throuba process the water is drained, which means the olives are not sitting in their own water, therefore not able to absorb the water or excess salt, yielding an olive with less salt and mountains of taste. The olives are then rinsed in spring water again before being lighty coated in organic cold-pressed sunflower oil.These olives are blacker than black and meaty in texture. Their taste is sensational I am so pleased to have discovered my little friend Velouitinos and his olives and to have the opportunity to share them with you.*Certified Organic by Bio HellasIngredients:Raw Black Throuba "Date" Olives*, Sunflower Oil 2%*, Sea Salt 1.8%.Please select from the following pack sizes:1 x 360g bag £7.993 x 360g bag (1080g in total) £21.99 MULTI SAVE**saving of £0.66 per bag


Wild, Organic Spanish Liquorice (Licorice) Powder - FairWild Certified

Highest quality, medicinally potent wild liquorice powder, harvested in the Zaragoza region of northern Spain by local wild food harvesters. This unique, premier liquorice powder is both FairWild certified and Soil Association Organic certified. Rich in the compound Glycyrrhizin.The FairWild Foundation is guided by a dedicated team of expert conservationists and wild plant experts. Since 2008, FairWild has sounded the call for sustainable, traceable, and ethical trade in wild plant ingredients. FairWild products are guaranteed to be of fully wild, and sustainably harvested origin.Directions: make a tea with half a teaspoon in 400ml of water. Simmer for 5 mins. Cool, strain and serve.Alternatively, simply blend half tspn into your daily juice or smoothie.You can also add a teaspoon to bread, cake or other baking recipes.