“When we become more of ourselves, more authentic, more naked, we become more alive, more youthful.” Kyle Vialli

About Kyle

Kyle Vialli B.Y.S.A, B.A (First Class) is an internationally acclaimed Nutritionist and Vitality coach. Their specialty is a wide-spectrum understanding of the sciences of vitality with special focus on nutrition, nutritional philosophy, natural beauty and temple restoration through fortification and systematic detoxification. A passionate independent researcher for all things youthening and beautifying, Kyle’s natural passions are further nourished by their studies in philosophy, media, culture and the sciences.

Kyle has written numerous articles for wellness-minded magazines, has been interviewed for Channel 4, Russia Today and Icelandic Television, National and European radio and a variety of online radio stations. Kyle is currently writing their flagship book on the universal principles of nutrition entitled What In The World Am I Supposed To Eat?

Kyle has helped 1000’s of people attain increased levels of vitality and clarity during one-on-one consultations and lectures and workshops throughout Europe and Australia. Daily they continue to hone their understanding of the species, not just in regards to what can go wrong with it through disorder and disease, but by what can go “right with it” through the horizons of human potential and possibility.

As a nutritional therapist and vitality coach, from a perspective that fully recognises the interrelationship between the psychological and somatic, Kyle conducts one-on-one consultations and group seminars worldwide to facilitate personal health autonomy. At present Kyle is writing their flagship book What In The World Am I Supposed To Eat? Prepare to be tantalised and surprised, the answers are not what you might expect. For an introductory article on Kyle’s nutritional scope see here.

About Vitality

First things first, what do we mean by Vitality?

It is often implicitly assumed that health is nothing but the absence of disease. Health can be obtained so long as we are able to drive away disease – by pitchforks, by incantations, by needles, by antibiotics, by herbal elixirs, or by any other means we see fit. This idea stems from an outdated assumption that for every disease there is a specific, unique, isolatable cause; as long as that cause can in some way be remedied or eradicated, health will prevail.

Yet, as tempting and insidious as this belief has become, it is a mere fiction. It fails wholesale to recognise the interwoven dynamism – the intrinsic holism of our human forms, including the vast strata of emergent properties that arise when the body (in all its totality) is functioning fluidly (and that subside when it is not). A river becomes sick if poisons are dumped into it. But it does not automatically become healthy when those poisons are removed. A whole web of interconnected factors have now been disturbed, impaired or even annihilated. The poisons are gone, but what remains is a “dead” river. No amount of deft surgical precision will change that fact until the elements of life – those original constituents of health are restored and allowed to acclimatise.

And so it is with us. Health is not the absence of disease, it is the existence of life, noble and strong, in all the places where it ought to be, it is the inner sense of ease. Moreover, it is the fundamental capacity to adapt and excel on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. On a metaphysical level, health is the capacity to attain balance and perspective throughout the personal and interpersonal dimensions, allowing us to carry out our unique service of love in the world. It is a pro power not the absence of something “bad”. To see health in this true sense, as a power all of its own, as a force, a wellspring of activity content on vivification: on enlivening, brightening, beautifying and fortifying, this is what I mean by vitality.

“Health is not the absence of disease, it is the inner sense of ease.”

So What is a Vitality Coach?

As a Vitality Coach my aim is simple: to overhaul your vitality, regardless of your current level of wellbeing. Throughout the unique contours of your body and within the specific context of your life, my interest is to see you flourish, naturally. With a master nutritional understanding at my core, I utilise and bring to light a broad wheelwork of modalities that eradicate, physical, mental, even emotional problems. As a result, the highly individualised programs that I formulate are designed to make you glow like never before. Please go to my consultations page to see the areas that I may address and utilise, depending upon your unique wellness requirements.