Horn Comb Secret: Hair & Electricity
Horn Comb Secret: Hair & Electricity

For most of human history we groomed ourselves with nature. It was only the last, most recent blip that brought plastic (not-so-fantastic) onto the scene. Before this point we discovered that horn was one of the most fitting materials for hair-care because it is comprised of precisely the same protein as our own hair – keratin. Not only do horn combs promote thicker, healthier  more lustrous hair, and glide smoothly through our locks – made as they are of the self-same structural protein, unlike plastic combs or brushes, they do not trap static electricity.

Did you know that static electricity, in and of itself, can disturb heathy hair growth by producing an unbalanced electrical potential across the hair shaft, from the root to the tip. Especially if you are ungrounded, as almost all of us are, for most of the day. In fact, healthy growth in all areas of the human body is mediated by correct electrical potential. Without the correct electrics, growth is stunted, and in time dis-ease establishes itself.

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Kyle Author