The Truth About Flip Flops
The Truth About Flip Flops

In the space of only a few decades our lives have become perforated by plastic. To understand just how significant this infiltration has become, you only need wake up one morning and see how long you can go without touching anything made of the stuff. But it isn’t the shiny synthetic polymers per se we need be most concerned about, rather it is the myriad of plastic additives, fillers and plasticisers that make up a significant percentage of these plastics, many of which are held only loosely within the frame of the material, making run-off, leaching or direct transdermal (skin) absorption a very sizable issue for the health of our race, any race.

The world’s most popular footwear – flip flops is an especially relevant health problem owing to the thorough contact they naturally have with the soles of our feet. Ironically it is probably the more comfortable, softer varieties that yield the greatest trove of problems. Phthalates, a very common group of plasticisers, have long been linked to reproductive issues and hormonal imbalances in general (effecting immune-function as a result). Some flip flops were found to contain 49% of phthalates by weight. What is more, plasticiser absorption is increased if the foot gets oily – think sunscreen and sweat. So now you know. Opt instead for a natural rubber pair (natural latex) or a pair that uses cork, hemp or other natural fibres.

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Kyle Author