It’s Blue! Discover one of the World’s Rarest Salts
It’s Blue! Discover one of the World’s Rarest Salts

Blue Persian rock salt is one of the rarest, and consequently, one of the most expensive natural salts in the world. The unique blue properties of the salt are derived through naturally occurring deposits of Potassium Chloride crystals known as Sylvite. As a result, the salt is also a good source of Potassium (alongside the base of Sodium and Chloride).

Unlike other rock salts, the salt does not occur in enormous blocks, rather it is found within 20 to 30 cm wide bands, which pass through the salt strata in the Dascht-e Lut desert, located in Semnan Province of northern Iran.

The area itself is one of the hottest regions on earth, this factor, alongside specific climatic and atmospheric conditions of altitude, pressure, and humidity all contribute to the unique environmental and geological nature of the site, created over millions of years. Indeed, the salt is extracted in much the same way that miners dig for gold – because the “blue salt” streaks within the ordinary rock salt are like veins of precious metals. Like the gold veins, the blue veins are very rare.

The Blue Persian salt has a more intense flavour than other salts. It has a strong initial saltiness and then produces an interesting tingling on the palate with a pleasant, slightly acidic aftertaste – attributable to the high potassium content. It would of course be a waste to use the precious blue salt for cooking. The taste is best appreciated by allowing the natural salt crystals to dissolve slowly on the food and tongue – truly an experience to savour.

Kyle Author