Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straws - Handmade (1 x straw)

1 x Handmade bamboo straw. These straws are just the best ever. Hand made from Air dried Bamboo, these straws have got to be the most environmentally sustainable straws on the planet.Approx 20cm (8 inches) longThey are extremely strong and durable and with proper use will last a lifetime.A set of five comes in a handmade 100% cotton pouch and sourced from a family business.Very easy to clean too, simply rinse thoroughly after use and allow to dry naturally in daylight.DurableEasy to useLightweightMade from 100% Air dried BambooEasy to cleanDishwasher safeApprox 20cm (8 inches) longPlastic free

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Body Biotics Probiotic and SBO Gummies by Kiki Health – For Children and Beyond

Helps restore a healthy balance of friendly bacteria to the GI tractContains 175mg of our Body Biotic Blend (SBO Soil-based organisms)May support digestive and intestinal healthNatural, delicious fruit flavourDairy and gluten-freeSuitable for vegetarians and vegansMade in the UKSee below for more information about this product

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Body Biotics symbiotic 8 strain SBO friendly bacteria

Body Biotics symbiotic 8 strain SBO friendly bacteria by Kiki Health (120 Capsules) probiotic supplement

Body Biotics are a potent, symbiotic blend of specialist microfloraLive and thriving SBO’s (soil-based organisms) probiotic supplement.KIKI’s Body Biotics are a symbiotic blend of 8 highly effective friendly bacteria super-strains.120 CapsulesSee below for more information about this product

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Dairy Kefir culture

Dairy Kefir Culture in Glass Jar

1 tablespoon of high-quality dairy kefir culture (a completely natural broad-spectrum probiotic culture). Our dairy kefir has only ever been cultivated in raw grass-fed A2 cows milk. It is shipped in a glass jar with a little raw milk, so it will arrive to you in tip-top, active condition, ready to begin immediate fermentation of your own high-quality milk, into the kefir beverage. The kefir culture is a living organism that will naturally double in size/volume every few weeks, so long as you feed it its preferred food of dairy milk. As a result, it will not take you long to have a surplus, to give to family and friends.Comes with A4 instruction sheet.

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Digestive Mix

Digestive Mix - a mix of herbs, seeds and spices to aid digestion

Digestive Mix is a heady swirl of herbs, seeds and spices. Made by hand in India and packed with nutrients, it helps to aid digestion, soothe your system, freshen the breath and revitalise your spirit in one spoonful.Half a teaspoon to be eaten after each meal. Ingredients: Fennel, flax seed, sesame seed, ajwain, peppermint, liquorice, hari patti (a bitter leaf), dhania dal and jaggery. 28 - 56 days supply.

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French Organic Oat Straw - Highest Quality Flowering Tops Only

Soil Association Certified Organic Oat Straw comprised only of the younger more nutritious flowering tops. Origin: FRANCE Please select from the following weights:100g (Usually 6.79) NOW ON SALE: £5.79250g (12.99) NOW ON SALE: £11.49500g (£21.99)1kg (39.99)All sizes come in professional heat sealed packs with silver label.Instructions:Making oat straw tea at home is easy. Simply add up to 3 teaspoons of dried oat straw to a cup filled with boiling water. Cover it with a lid and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Drink this mixture one to three times a day to reap the treasure trove of benefits. For a slightly more intensive extraction, bring to simmer in a saucepan, and simmer on the lowest heat, with lid on for 10-15 minutes. Cool, and drink immediately.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid - Highest Bioavailability by Wild Nutrition

Extra Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid by Wild Nutrition for highest absorbability into skin and connective tissue - 30 Capsules.1 capsule per day with, or without food.Our award winning, extra low weight hyaluronic acid, clinically proven to reach the skin surface. Found naturally in skin and connective tissue, it is used to retain water within the second layer of the skin. Hyaluronic acid when present in the body supports skin looking soft and supple. Hyaluronic acid levels decline over the age of 40 and supplementation may be supportive for mature skin, however Hyaluronic Acid also has excellent value for young sensitive skin, wrinkle-prone skin or sun-damaged skin.See below for more information about this product

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Marine Phytoplankton Flakes

Marine Phytoplankton Flakes Organically Produced Algae

Highest Quality Marine Phytoplankton Flakes (Nannochloropsis Gaditana) grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides to stringent European standards. The Marine Phytoplankton are grown on ancient seawater (Pleistocene era, about 140,000 years old) and are subsequently free of any contamination or heavy metals. The seawater is extracted from 80 meters below the surface and is perfectly suited for growing algae. The Marine Phytoplankton are produced with natural sunlight only. No artificial lighting is used. Upon harvesting the Marine Phytoplankton is then carefully freeze-dried to maximise preservation of all nutrients, especially the very sensitive essential fatty acids like EPA.Use the phenomenal nutritional richness of our Marine Phytoplankton to provide an excellent guild of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids (especially EPA) and highly absorbable protein. Enjoy our quality freeze-dried Marine Phytoplanton flakes in smoothies and atop salads and main meals as a hearty and tasty way to enhance whatever you eat. Your body will thank you for it.Origin: The Netherlands100g in air-locked pouch.

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Organic Psyllium Husk

Organic Psyllium Husk Powder (250g)

Soil Association Certified Organic Psyllium Husk Powder 250g Origin: India 

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Organic Unpasteurised Rose Water

Rose Water Organic (Unpasteurised)

The highest quality unpasteurised rose water available, from the Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar highlands of Oman by Radiant Revolutions. Organic certified by the Soil Association.Choose between the following sizes:100ml in amber glass spray/atomiser bottle to create the perfect rose mist. (Usually £7.99), NOW ON SALE £6.99250ml in amber glass bottle. Also the perfect refill bottle for our smaller spray bottles. (Usually £14.99) NOW ON SALE £13.491 litre in amber glass bottle (£49.99)See below for more information about this product

Wild Thanaka Powder

Thanaka Powder Wild (Natural Face/Body Hair Removal)

Highest Grade, Ultra-fine Wild Thanaka bark powder in amber glass by Radiant Revolutions (250g option comes in amber glass jar, 500g and 1kg come as refill pack and bulk bag). Includes detailed instructions for hair removal, sunscreen protocols and general face masks.Discover the incredible multi-talented Burmese beauty powerhouse: Thanaka. This esteemed herb not only inhibits and eventually stops hair growth (wherever you apply it to your face or body), it also acts as a natural sunscreen and also smoothes, softens, rejuvenates and protects our skin all at the same time.Origin: BurmaPlease select from the following weights. On sale at £5 off each respective weight.250g - amber glass jar (£29.99) Now: £24.99500g - amber glass jar (£55.99) Now: £50.991kg - bulk bag (£93.99) Now: £88.99For more information on this product please see below

Chaga Mushroom

Wild Scottish Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) Sustainably-Harvested

Wild Chaga sustainably harvested from birch forests in the pristine wilderness of the northern Scottish Highlands.Only mature, medicinally potent specimens are harvested by a very experienced harvester in the Northern Highlands of Scotland who is mostly collecting just for us and their family. The Chaga has been naturally air-dried and is ready to be crumbled and simmered in hot water for at least 20-25 mins, and drunk as a healing and nourishing tea. Or else, utilised in a variety of different tincturing processes. This product (particularly the 500g and 1kg option) comes as a mix of different size chunks perfect for tea and tincture making.Origin: ScotlandPlease select from the following weights:50g: (£5.95)500g (Was: £54.99, Now 25% off: £41.24)1kg (Was: £102.99, Now 25% off: £78.24)