Contrast Detail Cotton and Natural Jute XL Bag by Westford Mill

A great bag for carrying all your essentials. With great styling and character you will look the part carrying this bag. Made from the highest quality materials with great detailing and finishing. XL size, carrying up to 29 litres in volume.Features:Print friendly canvas bodyPremium heavyweight fabricLarge capacityCotton webbing carry handlesCan be carried by hand or over the shoulderHandle length - 63cmDimensions: 38 x 44 x 18cmCapacity: 29 litresJute base, Premium heavyweight fabric, Cotton webbing carry/shoulder straps (63cm long), Capacity 29 litres, 100% cotton canvas. 407gsm. 

Organic Cotton Buds

Cotton Buds Organic 200 pack

200 cotton buds with organic cotton tips certified by the Soil Association by Simply Gentle.Simply gentle organic cotton buds gently clean and dry in the ears, corners of the eyes or nose. Also good for cleaning baby's fingers and toes. They can also be used to apply cream to blemishes.Produced on bio-degradable paper stems with 100 percent organic cotton tips. Gentle on the environment.

Organic Cotton Wool Pads

Cotton Wool Pads Organic 100 pack

100 Soil Association Certified 100% Organic Cotton Wool Pads by Simply Gentle.


Dry Skin Brushing Completely Natural Bristle Brush

Completely pure Beechwood Dry Skin Brush with Tampico bristle plant fibres. If you have been looking for a high quality impeccably made dry skin brush, the wait is now over. This high-quality, German made, completely natural bristle skin brush, comprises a single piece of craftsmanship (i.e. no interlocking parts like many wooden skin brushes). Simply a long beautifully-made beechwood handle and Tampico bristle plant fibres comprising the brush. Make this part of your daily ritual (you can have Sundays off) to help clear blockages in your lymphatics and intestines, remove dead skin cells, increase the nourishing flow of blood into all of the layers of your skin boosting radiance and suppleness overtime all via the revitalising brushing motion of this natural brush.Beechwood with tampico bristle fibreDimensions: length - 50cmDry at room temperature, bristles soften with useMade in Germany

Bamboo Straws

Handmade Bamboo Straw

1 x  bamboo straw handmade in India. These straws are just the best ever. Hand made from Air dried Bamboo, these straws have got to be the most environmentally sustainable straws on the planet.Approx 20cm (8 inches) longThey are extremely strong and durable and with proper use will last a lifetime.Very easy to clean too, simply rinse thoroughly after use and allow to dry naturally in daylight.DurableEasy to useLightweightMade from 100% Air dried BambooEasy to cleanDishwasher safeApprox 20cm (8 inches) longPlastic free

£1.50 £2.00

Miswak Toothbrush Sticks

Introducing Nature's completely biodegradable, disposable instant 'toothbrush' that thoroughly cleans, protects and even whitens your teeth. Optimize your oral and tooth health with the toothbrush that grows on trees and has been widely revered for thousands of years for this very purpose in the Middle East. The root of the miswak tree (Salvadora persica) not only replaces conventional toothbrushes, it also replaces toothpaste and mouthwash and it releases its own soft antibacterial sap as you use it. Furthermore, unlike standard toothbrushes miswak will not create striation marks or indentations into the enamel of your teeth so they will also feel cleaner too. The miswak stick has the following properties: Antibacterial, Astringent, Detergent, Anti-inflammatory, Significantly plaque inhibiting, Enhances salivation, Fights caries, Provides nutrients for healthy bone and tooth development.PLEASE SELECT BELOW FROM THE FOLLOWING PACK SIZES:1 x Miswak Toothbrush Stick £1.893 x Miswak ToothbrushStick £4.695 x Miswak Toothbrush Sticks £6.99 MULTI SAVE**saving of £0.49 per Miswak Toothbrush stick (compared to single pack option)10 x Miswak Toothbrush Sticks £12.99 BEST PRICE****saving of £0.59 per Miswak Toothbrush stick (compared to single pack option)See below for more information about this product


Natural Bamboo Dish Brush Set - Eco Plant Based Washing Up Brushes, 100% Plastic-Free by Jungle Culture

Jungle Culture's eco bamboo dish brushes for washing up are crafted using sustainable bamboo and natural plant based fibres from coconut husks and the sisal plant. The 6 piece zero waste wooden kitchen dish brush set contains a versatile and multi-functional array of plastic-free household cleaning brushes and cloths. Everything you need to keep your home clean, tidy and sustainable.Wooden kitchen cleaning brushes are 100% organic, vegan friendly and biodegradable. The perfect zero waste alternative to flimsy single-use plastic dish brushes and synthetic washing up cloths.The natural coarseness of our sisal and coconut fibre brushes provide an elegant, ergonomic and guilt-free way to scour and scrub your pots, pans and trays, while our organic hemp and cotton fibre cleaning cloths are perfect for gently washing up fragile glassware.Set Contains:1 x Bamboo palm zero waste scrubber brush1 x Plastic-free bamboo dish brush1 x Coconut fibre bottle brush1 x Coconut fibre eco pan scourer brush1 x Replacement head for bamboo pot scrubber brush1 x Hemp & organic cotton dish cloth sponge100% Natural dish brush set: Eco-friendly & zero waste alternative to plastic and metal kitchen cleaning products.Complete set: Jungle Culture’s plastic-free cleaning brush set contains everything you need to keep your home clean, tidy and plastic-free.Versatile & Multi-functional: We include coarse and thick bristles for scouring and scrubbing stubborn pots and pans as well as a soft hemp and cotton cloth for gentle cleaning.Vegan friendly & Biodegradable: Our bamboo, coconut and sisal products are farmed and harvested sustainably, without the need for pesticides or animal products. Meaning that your zero waste kitchen brush set can be recycled or composted when it’s time to throw it away.Plastic-free & Zero waste: Our entire sustainable washing up set is plastic-free and zero waste. Even our packaging is made from recycled kraft paper!


Organic Cotton Mesh / String Bag by Westford Mill

Stylish Organic cotton mesh/string bag in a beautiful collection of colours.Made with 100% organic certified cotton only;100% Organic CottonGOTS certified - CU811033Cotton panel for decorationHolds up to 6kgCan be carried by hand or over the shoulder

Natural Horn Comb

Traditional Horn Comb - 100% Natural

100% natural, hand-carved traditional Chinese horn comb made from buffalo horn.Traditional horn combs have been used for thousands of years. Just like our own hair, they are naturally made of the protein keratin and assist in strengthening, thickening and conditioning our hair. As a result of like-on-like, the keratin horn combs simply glide through the hair better, making disentangling easier, and many people notice that they make hair shinier. Unlike plastic combs, horn combs do not trap static electricity, which causes fly-away hairs, but more importantly, an unbalanced electrical charge across the hair - from root to tip, which interferes with healthy growth.Each standard comb is approximately 16cms long, though exact shape and colour will vary from comb to comb. When using on wet hair, carefully dry the comb afterwards.The Premium Comb is approx 25-26cms long, is considerably thicker and has a lot more teeth. Long combs like this are relatively rare. Firstly, a suitably high-quality long horn has to be located, and secondly, it has to be combined with truly accomplished carving techniques - with a finesse, apt to carve more teeth into a single, flush, beautiful piece of hair grooming art. As per the standard comb, each premium comb is one of a kind, and colour and detail vary naturally from piece to piece.Care Instructions: If used on wet hair, do not leave wet, dry after use.


Untreated Beechwood Cooking Spoon

German made Beechwood Cook Spoon.Untreated beech wood only.Dimensions: 30cmThis clean, untreated Beechwood Cook Spoon is a household essential! A kitchen isn't a kitchen without a traditional baking spoon in its drawers. Make some delicious homemade delights with this brilliant spoon.